Scientific Self Defense – Book Review
Uncategorized / January 21, 2018

In 1931 D. Appleton and Company published Colonel W.E. Fairbairn’s book, Scientific Self Defense, which presents the Fairbairn fighting system known as Defendu.  Colonel Fairbairn developed his fighting system through a scientific study of most of the methods of self defense. Colonel Fairbairn’s Background Colonel Fairbairn earned a second degree black belt from Kodokan Jui-Jitsu University in Tokyo, Japan.  He was the first foreigner living outside of Japan to do so. He also studied Chinese “boxing” with TsainChing Tung, who instructed the retainers to the Chinese Dowager Empress. Twenty-three years with the Shanghai Police Force gave W.E. Fairbairn experience in handling violent confrontations. His traing in Jui-Jitsu and Chinese boxing stood him in good stead because in the early 1900’s Shanghai was a lawless, violent international port. He was an Inspector with the Shanghai Municipal Police Force and was responsible for apprehending pirates, drug dealers, and other violent criminals. Fairbairn became the Instructor in Self-Defense to the Shanhai Muncipal Police Force. He also trained members of royalty and several high ranking Jui-Jitsu experts in Japan. In March 1925, Fairbairn went home to England on an eight month furlough for the purpose of writing a book on his fighting system, Defendu….